Friendship Centre


Core Values

Below are the values that we have in place to help build quality relationships where people live and work through the power of genuine community:

  1. RESPECT: Treating ourselves and our community in an extraordinary way because we all have intrinsic worth fortnite free download computer.
  2. ACCEPTANCE: Valuing people unconditionally.
  3. HONESTY: Being truthful in all things…large and small schnittmuster baby kostenlosen pullover.
  4. TRUST BUILDING: Working to create confidence in each other.
  5. CONTRIBUTION: Giving of yourself and your giftedness for the good of the community herunterladen.
  6. ACCOUNTABLE: The responsibility to challenge ourselves and each other to do what we say and act on behalf of the community bilder downloaden safari.
  7. FUN: Creating an open environment where people can celebrate life with others.
  8. GRACE: A commitment to act on behalf of the best interests of others captain future soundtrack download kostenlos.
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