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Dear Friend,

The Institute for Community celebrated its 25th anniversary during 2020.  We are still here greatly due to the unwavering support of many of you in the face of the pandemic das spiel fortnite herunterladen. Below are a few of the ways we continued to contribute to the greater Will County area during this unprecedented challenge. We never entirely shut our doors, instead remaining open to help those most affected and in need the crew 2 pc herunterladen.

  • We operated a remote learning program for over 35 children, many of essential workers, that needed care for their kids, WIFI and supervision for them to do their homework online word apps kostenlos download. Our Montessori School continued to serve and remain open after the initial shutdown, serving an additional 30+ children.
  • The IFC extended food distribution programs, initiated at the local schools, in partnership with Northern Illinois Food Bank screen saver mobile for free. All summer in 2020, IFC staff handed out free lunches to any family with children that came to the Friendship Centre Monday-Friday from the entire county area mms geht nicht zum herunterladen. This continued in the Fall.
  • The IFC bridged the gap with our more than 18 program partners, assisting them with restarting their programs in the community, by giving grants and expense assistance so they could continue to serve the community in the areas of education, the arts, leadership, and recreation jw player video herunterladen. We are happy to report we maintained all but 3 of those partners, and even added one additional new partner.

We plan to gather once again in the fall on Tuesday, September 28th, 2021 at Arrowhead Golf Course in Wheaton, IL youtube video ton downloaden. We hope the Tuesday date allows more out of town guests to travel and join us in community as we enjoy a day on the course together and dinner for a great cause.

A representative from Marquette or the IFC is available to answer any questions you may have. For further information call us @ 815-588-6130

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