Community Life


What do we do? Community Life helps connect residents to their neighbors and neighborhoods. Each team has a list of monthly responsibilities outlined below. You will also see examples of community newsletters, which each of our teams create on a monthly basis.

Enewsletter Eg. Canter Chase Apartments

Enewsletter Eg. Verandas Apartments

Enewsletter Eg. Oxmoor Apartments

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Community Life exists to help residents build quality relationships with each other within their shared neighborhood. Our teams do this in a variety of ways:

Community Life Architect

The CLAs ongoing and intentional relationship with residents is the foundation that allows relational community to grow.

Personal Welcome Visit

This friendly and personal visit sets the relational tone for the entire experience in the community.


Connecting Residents with other Residents

The CLAs help connect people with common interests, so natural friendships may form.

Local Groups and Institutions

The CLAs reveal the extensive network of social opportunities within the neighborhood, because there is a local group for every resident to belong.

Community Activities

CLAs plan frequent events and help residents plan events, so all residents have on-site opportunities to have fun and meet their neighbors.

Community Life Social Media

Each community has its own unique social networking site that helps residents stay informed, explore the neighborhood and connect with others in the community.


These give helpful and consistent notification about lots of local connection opportunities in the community.

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