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The Community Life Outcomes

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  What are some social outcomes and indicators that community is having an impact?

  1. Transformed individual lives in all areas of life who are then capable and willing to help others.
  2. There should be increased knowledge, skills, and resources working for shared benefits in individuals throughout the apartment neighborhood.
  3. Community volunteerism should be on the rise.
  4. Residents should be inviting their friends and family to live at their property.
  5. Community partnerships between the apartment complex and other local assets should exist.
  6. Residents should be sharing their lives with other residents and inviting them into community.
  7. Their should be an growing positive “buzz” around the neighborhood about the apartment.
  8. People should be making new friends and trying new things.
  9. Communication should be happening on a large-scale level so residents feel informed.
  10. There is a growing sense of community and trust.
  11. People should see the program as their own and not belonging to an outside agency.
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