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September 8th, 2015 by

People like to talk. Working the Welcome Desk at the Friendship Centre has convinced me of the truth in that statement spotify musik automatisch herunterladen. Of course there are exceptions, but as a general rule I’ve come to learn that, given the opportunity, people want to talk about their lives cool games to for free.

Every day I come to work, smile, and say “Hi” to people as they pass the desk deponia. Most people return the greeting, some even return the smile, but some people stop and share the events of their lives.

 I hear jokes and funny stories htc apps. I hear work and school complaints. I hear about all sorts of joys and losses and tragedies and even some miracles.

It’s remarkable, the way people can open up to a person they hardly know herunterladen. I truly love it. Even when people are sharing the things that frustrate them or have saddened them, I still love it.

We need to talk and we need to listen gif von giphy herunterladen. We were built to live in community and share our joys and burdens. Being a part of that process, is joining into the life we were created for.

And the cool thing is, that as people share their stuff with me, I get to reciprocate nur noch gucci herunterladen. I get the chance to share my story and the way I see God working through this life I’ve been given. These moments give me clarity and focus and remind me that in spite of all the things that are going wrong in this world, there are still things that are going very right herunterladen.

All of that, comes from a smile and a “Hi” and a willingness to talk vom radio musik herunterladen+kostenlos.

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