Building communities.
One relationship at a time.


The IFC is committed to building communities, one relationship at a time. We work to solve problems of social isolation starting on a personal level, improving quality of life for individual residents to encourage community engagement that benefits local businesses and larger municipalities. The IFC partners with organizations that share our mission of restoring relationships and fostering fulfillment in towns across America. By applying principles of asset-based community development, the IFC spearheads programs that connect residents to each other and their neighborhoods, creating lasting change in individuals, relationships and entire communities.

The Institute For Community is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to building quality relationships where people live and work, through the power of genuine community. All programs are available to participants regardless of where you live, or ability to pay. Scholarships are available for families in need.


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    Even if you’re not joining us this year at our Annual Charity Golf Outing, you can still be in on the fun.  Follow the link… Read More >

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    Change of seasons brings on change of schedules. In my house, we integrate 6 different schedules into a cohesive family unit. It actually looks more… Read More >

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    Community Life, in partnership with  HighPoint Apartments  and the Institute for Community put on a 3 on 3 basketball tournament this past weekend.  Athletes of all ages… Read More >

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